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C driver functions are provided for the Analog I/O Wildcard when you include the 'waim.h' file, as shown in the example below. These functions provide a high l…analog, data-acquisition, scientific-measurement, c-examples
This glossary defines C library functions used in the Analog I/O Wildcard driver code. The Analog I/O Wildcard is used with Mosaic's microcontrollers to provid…analog, data-acquisition, scientific-measurement
This Forth example program shows you how to acquire data and output voltages from using an Analog I/O Wildcard. Forth language driver functions are provided fo…analog, data-acquisition, scientific-measurement, forth-examples
[16-Bit-Resolution-ADC-DAC] This general purpose 16-bit ADC and 12-bit DAC features eight channels unipolar, single-ended or four channels unipolar, differentia…data-acquisition, analog
The Analog I/O Wildcard(tm) is a tiny 2" by 2.5" I/O module for precision 16-bit analog voltage measurement and 12-bit voltage generation. It connects directly…analog, data-acquisition, scientific-measurement
The following Controller Boards are compatible with the Analog I/O Wildcard™ • PDQ-Board • QCard-Controller • QScreen-Controller • H…analog, data-acquisition
The following Controller Boards are compatible with the USB Wildcard™ • PDQ-Board • QCard-Controller • QScreen-Controller • Handheld…pc-interface, digital, data-entry, data-display, data-acquisition
Conductivity sensing I/O board precisely measures aqueous liquid conductances/conductivities. [Conductivity-cell-transmitter] The Conductivity Sensing Wildcar…analog, data-acquisition, temperature, scientific-measurement, pid-control
How to use the 8-channel 8-bit Analog-To-Digital converter (ADC) on the QCard Controller to perform single and multiple conversions, and how to calculate the eq…data-acquisition
This page describes the 10-bit Analog-To-Digital (ATD) inputs available on the PDQ Single Board Computer (a low cost SBC using the 9S12 HCS12 68HCS12 MC9S12DP51…scientific-measurement, data-acquisition
[GPS-Board-Data-Logger] The GPS Wildcard™ tracks your instrument anywhere on the globe. Now you can design a mobile instrument that knows exactly where it is an…data-acquisition, scientific-measurement, remote-device
[Analog-I/O-Signal-Conditioning-Filter] The I/O Filter Wildcard™ provides a place for prototyping analog circuitry or for filtering or conditioning I/O lines of…analog, data-acquisition, prototyping, motor-control, scientific-measurement, temperature, robotics, pid-control
[Manual,-user's-guide,-and-application-notes-for-the-Freescale-16-bit-9S12/HCS12/HC9S12-MCU-development-board,-single-board-computer,-and-instrument-controller …automation, robotics, pwm, analog, pc-interface, scientific-measurement, digital, data-acquisition
[Low-cost-9S12-prototyping-and-developer-board Overview The PDQ Board Lite is a low cost single board computer (SBC) and development board that hosts the Free…automation, robotics, pwm, analog, pc-interface, scientific-measurement, digital, data-acquisition
[Multitasking-embedded-computer-uses-the-Freescale-68HC11-microcontroller] The QCard™ is a Single Board Computer (SBC) that packs a microcontroller, up to 1 me…automation, pwm, robotics, analog, pc-interface, scientific-measurement, digital, data-acquisition
This glossary defines the important constants and C library functions that comprise the Thermocouple Measurement Wildcard driver code. The Thermocouple Measure…scientific-measurement, temperature, data-acquisition
This document describes how to use the Thermocouple Measurement Wildcard(tm). It provides an overview of the hardware and software for the Wildcard as well as a…scientific-measurement, temperature, data-acquisition